Version 1.5 text change ~ Damage Types ~

Summary: The version 1.5 not only completes missing set 1 cards, adjusted card balances, but also made several text changes that do not seem to affect current game play.  So why did they do this?  One reason is to make the text more clear, but other is to prepare for the future expansion.  Let’s talk about Damage types today.

Below is our old friend “Fireball”

Follow in will be the new “Fireball”

Very subtle but there is a new word in the text stating “4 FIRE damage.”

Similarly in version 1.5, they have added ice, arcane, poison and electrical damages.  These keywords are confirmed by the creator of Shadow Era (Kyle) in the official forum as the purpose of future proof.

Damage type that will get some interactions in future expansions, eg “Fireproof Jacket – All fire damage to your hero is reduced to 0.” or something like that.

So here is one feature/mechanics that we will be added onto Shadow Era with Expansion 1.

Despite such simple addition, I believe this have quite a potential for adding new game mechanics.  Some examples are:

1. Specific damage type reduction or boost.

2. Ally with weak damage type.

3. Damage boost with consecutive damage by same damage type such as two fire damage to a same ally or hero consecutively result in extra damage.  This conceptually make sense and one day someone can make deck based on this concept.



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