Physical Card Official Release will be at the Origin (May 30)

Summary: The long waited complete Shadow Era ~COTC~ has just been released.  Now the text and design of the cards are fixed, physical card will go onto production.  Unforunately, there are 4-6 weeks of delay from original plan, but fortunately…

Ship Date: Early May 2012

Due to the unexpectedly large volume of orders and the number of bonuses we have hit, as well as delays in finalizing the card text, we had to push the ship date back by 4-6 weeks from the original estimate.

Pre-orders are now planned to ship a few weeks before the official physical launch at the Origins Game Fair on May 30, 2012.

The Bonuses now include:
+ Foil Cards – A free copy of each different foil card we make!
+ Playmat – $14.99 retail. A high quality, 24″ x 14″ playmat
+ Exclusive Promo Card – A foil Legendary Neutral Ally with amazing artwork.
+ Counters and Tokens – $4.99 retail
+ Collector’s Tin – $4.99 retail
+ Card Sleeves – $2.99 retail
+ Epic In-Game Avatars
+ JUST ANNOUNCED – Digital Foils. As a special thank you for your patience and support, your SE account will get a digital copy of every different foil card in the game!

Those of you who had not pre-ordered I must say sorry but you missed probably the biggest trading card gaming bonus ever in history.  To get all the above, I paid $10.  Oh and yes, in addition to above I have already got my 1300 in game Shadow Crystal and will get 1300 more crystals that will come with the actual order itself.

It is undoubtly not a good idea to delay a release when something is cloud funded, but we all wanted to have the real Shadow Era not the unbalanced card game.  Besides with original amount of bonus, my guess is no one probably would have really complained if its just 4-6 weeks delay.  But it’s Wulven.  They actually added more bonus, which they didn’t need to and any other company for sure wouldn’t have.  Most importantly the bonus is not just some little extra card sleeve, but rather entire foil set in digital game.

I love the game Shadow Era.  But the main reason I am really into this game and not other TCG is the business model of the Wulven Studio.  They know they are not Blizzard or WoTC.  They are working hard to make this game popular.  The way they are striving to achieve this so far is by supporting current players.  As most of you coming to this site knows that I loved Eye of Judgment. But Sony never put this much effort into the game, never listened to community.

It’s just another day that I feel Shadow Era may truly be next Yu-Gi-Oh.


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