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Summary: Past a few days, I have been primarily playing Carte TCG.  The game play is great and as of the current state of Shadow Era (Set.1), I personally prefer the complexity of Carte over the simplicity of Shadow Era.  Having said this, Shadow Era is evolving state.  One thing I particularly like about Carte is “Shard cards.”  I think this concept blends well in the Shadow Era.  And perhaps they can even take a step beyond.  Here is what I wish to happen.

Resource Card

Resource cards can be casted during sacrifice phase. If they are casted, it is placed on resource pile face up and the effect take place. The casting resource card will end sacrifice phase i.e. you cannot sacrifice a card and cast a resource card during the same turn. When another card is placed over it i.e. during next sacrifice turn, if you cast another resource card over it or sacrifice a card (just as regular resource sacrifice), the previously placed resource card flips back and become regular old resource and add that mana point.

The most basic plain resource card below.

Basic Resource

*Picture is from…ource#/d1nh588

What happens with “Resource” is if you cast the card, you don’t lose total # of card in your hand due to resource sacrifice but you will be a resource short (at least this turn), but gain that resource back next turn. If you keep casting “Resource” every turn, you essentially keep your total cards in hand constant but just 1 resource behind if you were to sacrifice card


Source Picture:


Source Picture:

Field Resource

Same mechanics can be used to create special cards called “field.”  This is like Yu-Gi-Oh and create more global effect that lasts.  Similar effect can actually be achieved by Support type of cards but field concept I believe fits better. The main difference between basic resource and field resource are field resource are more permanent i.e. effect last as long as you have it on the play.  But remember while doing so, you basically locking your mana cap.  Because as soon as you sacrifice another card or cast another resource card, the field resource card turns into just a mana.

Ice Age

Source Picture:

Misty Forest

Source Picture:





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