Physical Card Pre-order Restarted

Summary: Those of you who have missed out the opportunity, there is another chance.  Wulven had just restarted physical card preorder (expected official release date 5/30).

In addition to incredible, never seen before amount of pre-order specials, you get equivalent amount of Shadow Crystal.  This basically means you get all the physical card (plus specials) for free when you buy the Shadow Crystal.  No that’s not all.  Even if you don’t care about physical card, all the booster packs and theme decks will contain redeem code for equivalent amount of Shadow Crystals.  This means basically you are getting double amount of Shadow Crystal for equivalent price in the end plus tons of bonuses.

The bonus itself is again growing based on how much preorder Wulven get until end of the pre-order.  It looks like we will be getting new limited foil in physical format for every additonal $5000 preorders.  Remember this is for everyone who pre-orders.  So if you order today and as preorder grows, you get more and more bonuses.

Again, if you have ever seen any other TCG company done anywhere near what the Wulven is doing let me know.  Because I really don’t think I’ve seen this generosity before.



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