SE Wishmour ~More Resource Cards~

Summary: I just cannot stop thinking about how great the concept of resource cards would be in the game of Shadow Era.  Sure it is not my own original idea (as I was inspired by Carte), but it’s such a great concept.  I really hope we see something similar to this concept in the future expansions of Shadow Era.

Recap: What’s resource card?

Cards that are specialized for sacrifice.  Instead of sacrificing regular card from your hand, if you cast resource type card from your hand during your sacrifice phase, you get special effect.  The resource card will be placed face up indicating its casted on the resource pile.  Then following turn during your sacrifice phase, it flips and become plain resource.  So in the end, you are sacrificing a card but at the same time you gaining some effect.  Downside is you are not gaining resource boost the turn that you are casting the resource card i.e. essentially you are spending 1 net resource.


New resource cards

Alchemical stone


Comment: The reason for additional resource on the turn it is casted is because just as other resource cards, by casting Alchemical stone you are essentially losing one mana during that turn.  But if you return a resource card from the pile, you lose another resource i.e. net 2 loss of resource in the turn.  So by giving one extra makes only net loss of 1 mana during the turn and later turns.



Comment:  Perhaps this could be a bit overpowered, just as regular gunpowder if you ignite them with fire, they explode.  Alternatively, it could be simply add +2 to all fire damage during the turn etc.

Cobra’s venom



Comment: Conceptually, only new poison damages should be affected by this ability.  Since this card will turn off very next turn, I made it add 2 rather than 1.  But if all new damages are persistently considered as cobra’s deadly venom, may be add 1 for all poison damage introduced in this turn and damage from them (every turn) should perhaps remain 2.  Though this may be hard to keep track especially when played non-digitally.


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