【SE/Sample Deck】 Brutal Is Control

Over 2000 views at the official forum.  Competitive sample deck of the Gravebone.  Tricky deck to use, but interesting.

Card # Card Name No of Cards
016 Gravebone 1
043 Infernal Gargoyle 4
044 Brutalis 4
049 Bad Wolf 2
053 Death Mage Thaddeus 2
071 Fireball 4
074 Lightning Strike 4
078 Supernova 4
080 Clinging Webs 3
144 Shriek of Vengeance 2
150 Sacrificial Lamb 4
160 Ley Line Nexus 2
200 Dagger of Unmaking 4
Total 40

How to play

Turn 2: Brutalis
Turn 3: Gargoyle (best when starting second)/Death Mage (best when trying to deathrace+taking out opponent kris)/Badwolf (best when starting first)
Turn 4: Lightning strike/Fireball

This deck is a disguised as a control deck, with death-racing tendencies.

Sacrificial Lamb

Try to keep one copy of sacrifical lamb (SL) to keep the deck running. On turn 5, if you have board control, one 3cc ally in play, and lack of cards, feel free to attack+ SL + cast ally out.

Another way to use it is to dodge supernova. If you know that you’re going to cast supernova the next turn, you can just sac lamb straight for the card advantage. Best case scenario, is when you have 7 resources and you can attack + SL + Supernova + revive ally.

The main strategy is also to keep pressing the advantage. Dagger of Unmasking + Webs can keep anything in the game down, use this to your advantage.

Source: http://www.shadowera.com/showthread.php?13663-WH-presents-1-5-Ultimate-Gravebone-%28Brutal-Is-Control%29


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