Foil Card Design Revealed

Well these are revealed technically three weeks ago but I missed them.  So I expected them to be like Magic the Gathering’s foil cards with shiny appearance, but…

It could be the personal preference, but honestly Magic’s shiny foil did not feel like they were superior card than the regular ones to me.  In fact, I actually preferred non-foil version.  However, we have to remember that it is Magic.  If anything in the card game, the Magic has probably done it one way before.  In the  Zendikar Block of Magic, they had the land cards with special version, which is essentially identical to what Shadow Era will be calling foil. (below)

I truly loved special land card arts in this block (left).  In fact, if I play Magic I prefer using these land over others even if these are from different block.

So yet another thing Wulven did right!



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