【SE Sample Deck】Portal Nishaven

Despite him being the main character of the Shadow Era, it is still the hardest one to be competitive at least among the Mage.  This deck is made by the most famous and probably the best Shadow Era Guild A1 Alliance’s leader himself.

Depending on the play style, you can substitutes followings:

  • Blake Windrunner by Dirk Saber
  • Earthen Protector by Raven Wildheart or Aeon Stormcaller
  • Severed Ties by Dagger of Unmasking

General play style is to use Tome or Tained Oracle at turn 4 to restore hand.  Then at turn 5 or 6, using either Nishaven’s ability or Supernova you wipe the board and use Portal.  Now you have board advantage next couple turns.

Source: http://www.shadowera.com/showthread.php?14099-Wtzky-s-1-5-Portal-Nishaven


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