Shadow Era First Expansion What we know so far.

Not much of information has been released about the first expansion yet, but there are still a few there that you may perhaps missed.  Here is the summary of what we know so far about the very first Shadow Era expansion.


Summer 2012

How many total cards?


What are the card distributions?

  • 10 class cards per class = 70 class cards
  • 15 new shadow ally
  • 15 new human ally
  •  Remaining 50 cards are distributed among new weapons, armors, human, shadow and neutral [abilities/items]
  • No new heroes.


They are coming, but no definitive plan yet.  If anything, it will be similar to following suggestion made by one of forum poster, which is actually myself. 🙂

Initially, smaller number of cards and as the day gets closer perhaps more card spoilers? But also, to keep us excited, I feel like aside from simple card spoiler, they can announce the name of Expansion 1, the theme, Designer’s approach/decision making to include certain mechanics, and even simple as general discussion of new mechanics in Expansion 1 without specific card spoiler until later time. There are so many things I believe SE can spoil in bits and pieces. I.e. all the things Daily Magic site is doing I believe would apply to Shadow Era. Personally, I would like to see more frequent yet smaller things than the larger information with less frequency. As former will get momentum going.



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