[SE/Sample Deck] Lance Shadowpwner

Summary: One of the best hero in the current set.  This is the deck recommended by A1 guild’s leader Wtzky.  Made by blueblurr.

General play style guideline

If you are going first,

T1: hold
T2: Puwen or Bad Santa
T3: Priest of the Light (PotL) or Jasmine or Aldon
T4: Ill Gotten Gains (IGG) or Aldon
T5: Raven (using Lance’s ability) or Anklebreaker or Jasmine (using Lance’s and Jasmine’s abilities)
T6: Aeon

If you are going second,
T1: hold
T2: Puwen or hold
T3: Jasmine or Aldon or PotL
T4: IGG or Aldon or Jasmine (using Lance’s ability to regain board control)
T5: This is the most interesting part of the deck. Going second on T5, you will have to respond to your opponent’s T5 drop. Against any T5 ally but Plasma Behemoth (PB) cast Raven with Lance’s ability to cripple it. For PB, cast Anklebreaker.
T6: Aeon

*Left to right in the order of preference.

Remember, these are all “ideal” situations. Use Retreat! when you must; just be aware of the card advantage it gives to your opponent. I have frequently used an ally my opponent Retreated to my hand as a resource to bring out an even scarier threat.


Because the meta is currently so mage-heavy, I have not seen many MS decks floating around. This is good news for Lance, since much like warriors he is hard-countered by MS’s ability. My one word of advice against MS is to never EVER sac a Retreat. Use them wisely and only when the ability is activated. Play very smart and with a little luck, you should come out on top.

Source: http://www.shadowera.com/showthread.php?13091-Lance-Shadowpwner


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