[SE Tools]Deck Analyzer

Summary: Very basic Shadow Era deck analyzer sheet.

Basic Shadow Era Deck Analyzer

Now in addition to the basic probability analyzer, I have also made a basic Shadow Era deck analyzer sheet using GoogleDoc. You can use google doc without logging in; hence, it works even on Ipad as long as you have internet access. If you want, feel free to download and use it locally.

What does this deck analyzer tool do?

1. Calculate resource curve including average cost

2. Shows rarity distribution

3. Shows card type distribution

4. Calculate price of your deck (in golds)

*The actual tool is in English, but pictures are in Japanese as I took these pictures for my Japanese blog.

How to use this tool?

1. Go to deck builder (by Gondorian) and make your deck online
2. Copy deck string
3. Paste the deck string to the input sheet
only place se001… and do not include html

4. Turn to the Result sheet.

One response to this post.

  1. Hey, you should check-out http://www.ShadowEraTools.com it has a DeckBuilder tool that’s up to date with the DP expansion cards, a Card Finder that allows you to search for cards based on Faction, Set, Class, etc… and a Deck Runner Tool that let’s you test draws from a deck you’ve built.


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