SE First Expansion A bit more detail

Summary: A bit more generic detail about the first expansion was revealed on the official forum including relatively specific information regarding to the 1 of 150 cards.

The first set is about the heroes gaining new powers from possessing shadow crystals, and the invasion of shadow forces into the human world. None of the cards in the first set were devised by the current Design Team, only balanced by us, so there were gaps we couldn’t fill and our balancing could only go so far (without being able to add new cards during the balancing).

The first expansion represents an intensifying war between the factions, and the classes of heroes and allies within them. With the 150 cards, our aim is to:
* flesh out the class strategies, and emphasize their differences to other classes
* provide many more allies to choose from with different abilities
* offer more opportunities for combos
* fill in gaps left in the first set (e.g. a human card that lets you destroy an item that costs 4 or less, instead of just bouncing it)
* provide even greater balance between the heroes
* keep Shadow Era fresh, interesting and enjoyable



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