[SE/Sample Deck] Zhannax

Summary: Priest class is designed for meant to be control archetype.  Here is one great example fromt the official forum.  Designed by Dndfreak.

General Play Technique

Archetype is control

Remember this deck’s archetype is control, so don’t try to rush and attack opponent hero, but your goal is attrition.  Counter all the opponent’s activity until he/she run out a gas.  To achieve this goal, two key cards exist.

For the purpose of wiping board, nothing beats this.  Allies can survive with Nishaven’s ability or Supernova if their health is greater than 4 or 5, respectively.

Perhaps the best item/support ability destruction card in the game.  This card can destroy any weapon, armor but also support ability.  Compare this to Ley Line nexus.  It’s becomes really obvious how good this card is.

Hand restoration booster

In any TCG, drawing more card is almost always beneficial as they give more choices to your next action.  In this deck, rather than only relying on the Priest class card Wizent’s Staff, the author decided to use Tainted Oracle (TO) as combo booster for hand restoration.

TO gives hand restoration ability when its get destroyed i.e. Tidal wave wipes your own ally as well but you get extra two cards from it; whereas, opponent simply loses their ally.

Earthean Protector + TO.  You can draw potentially 4 cards from single TO.

If you add, Ghostmaker revived TO you can draw even more.

Ghost Maker

One of the key card in this deck is the Ghostmaker.  You have various combo with this.

  • Revive Birgitte: Birgitte is good card as opponent has two spend two actions to really target other friendly ally i.e. they have to first kill Birgitte.
  • Revive Jasmine: Same as Birgitte.  Most people try to kill Jasmine whenever she’s on the field as its ability is relatively annoying.
  • Revive TO: Hand restoration as stated above.

Finishing Force

The King’s Pride is expensive card; however, this deck is already built with purpose of long game play.  So you won’t be short with resource to cast this.  The game should be finished with King’s Pride boosted Kristoffer, or combo with Ghostmaker.

Source: http://www.shadowera.com/showthread.php?9946-Zhannax-Updated-for-1-5


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