Shadow Era News ~ Physical Card Shipping Date Confirmed ~

Summary: Kyle has confirmed the official shipping date of the Shadow Era Physical Card and more.

Scoop 1: Pre-order Fullfillment June 1-14

World wide availablity in retail stores: July to August.

Scoop 2: Shadow Era will be distributed by Alliance Game Distributors

Alliance Game Distributors are supposedly the largest distributor of hobby games in the world.  They will receive Shadow Era physical cards directly from the Cartamundi printers and their sales team will sell directly to retail stores worldwide.

Scoop 3: Digital foils in 2 weeks

You can draw digital foils off of online booster packs.  But pre-order people will get 65 digital foils.  Oh and by the way, the newly announced 55 cards will also be added as digital bonus for pre-order!!  Basically, we will have our digital foil collection matched that of physical.

Scoop 4: Origin Game Fair June 1-3


Some interesting data:

Production Scale:

Class Decks: 40,000 (first print run)
Booster Packs: 250,000 (first print run)
Premium Decks: 10,000 (never produced again)
Collectors Edition: 500 (never produced again)
Complete Playsets: 300 (never produced again)
Card Sleeves: 10,000
Other physical bonuses: 5,000 each


Booster pack $3 (comes with 100-200 SC coupon)*
Class Deck $10

*For pre-ordered people, no worries.  Kyle has confirmed we will get extra SC added to match up such that we essentially get double SC bonus as originally announced i.e. assumed 150SC on average for # of boosters and give the difference as extra SC.




2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Anonymous on May 14, 2012 at 10:24 am

    Oh man, I really can’t wait! By the way, dumb question, but what do the crystal numbers on the bottom of each card mean?


    • Posted by houshasen on May 14, 2012 at 2:20 pm

      Are you talking about on the card text at bottom next to the Crystal?

      It means the Card is from Call of the Crystal SET with Card #X. So in the future new set comes in you know which set the card is from e.g. If next set is called Chaos then Chaos 2 is card #2 from Chaos set.


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