[Infinity Wars] Commander

Summary: No. It’s not commander format in Magic, but this is part of deck building block in the game of Infinity Wars.  This is simple yet potentially strategy deepening component which is somewhat unique to the Infinity Wars.  So let’s take a look.

What is commander?

Infinity wars deck consists of 40 total cards.  As in any other games, IW has color or faction category.  However, the difference here is instead of including resource card (Carte), lands (Magic), or bounded by Hero’s faction, in Infinity Wars you deck cards are restricted/decided by what’s called “commanders.”

Conceptually somewhat similar to that of Shadow Era’s Hero except much more potential.  Any character card (ally in Shadow Era, Creature in Magic or Carte) can be assigned as commander.  You set 3 commander in your deck.  Based on these 3 cards, which can be included in your deck is determined.  Essentially, if you want to include a specific faction card, you must have the faction in the commanders.  So the way it is, you can have up to 3 faction mixed deck.


Some of the faction card can be much more powerful than the others.  So making all three commanders from different faction and build your deck with the best faction card from each is the simplest answer for deck building, it is (gladly) not so simple.  There is a concept called “purity.”  Some of the powerful card have this value set to > 1.  In which case, you have to have that many number of commanders from the faction to be able to include the card in your deck.

For example,

This card is from the Warpath faction with 2 purities.  So two of three my commanders have to be Warpath faction characters.

Potential for Combo Deck Type

Refer back to deck archetype classification article, there is a type of combo archetype deck category called “single card strategy.”  In Shadow Era or Eye of Judgment, this was extremely difficult to build for two reasons.  One there is no such dominating powerful card.  If there is such card, you then need to be able to draw the card in hand time when you need.  In order to increase the chance of this happening, people tends to include card draw engine, and possibly library search (if applicable).  However, even with it the luck factor is strong, and many cases library search card are specific and restrictive to certain card thus single card strategy is limited to what’s provided by developer.

So why I say all this?  Well, the commanders are nothing but character cards, and they can be deployed anytime during the game as long as you have the cost to cast.  When you do, it has haste i.e. attackable immediately at the turn.  This is basically equivalent of saying those three commander cards are the card you have in your hand 100% of time.  So if you want you can definitely make single card strategy combo deck without worrying about drawing the card in your hand.

This is one I see great design/potential of Infinity Wars.


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