[Infinity Wars] – Card Draw –

Summary: In the game of TCG, resource management is critical component as discussed on the previous article.  The other component is actual number of cards in your hand i.e. Card Draw.  Let’s look at how this piece is implemented in the Infinity Wars.

Why are the cards in your hand important?

In TCG, the card is everything.  Every move/action you make is essentially determined by cards.  You can make the greatest strategy/tactics and build a deck; however, if you don’t have a right card at the right timing, no matter how good you are, you may still lose the game as you cannot do anything.  So having more cards, being able to draw more cards i.e. replenishing your hand is important part of game.  Similarly, if you don’t have a good first hand you need a way to change this; otherwise, you cannot do much about it.


Mulligan is a term used to describe a process that during your initial draw (at the beginning of the game) if cards in your hand is not satisfactory, you can change the hand.  In Magic, you can do as many Mulligan as you want with a cost, which is each time you Mulligan your total cards is decreased by 1.  Game like Eye of Judgment (the origin of this blog) allowed only one time Mulligan but no penalty.  Whereas, game like Shadow Era currently does not have a Mulligan system at all.

Mulligan is one mechanism to avoid complete failure of game from the beginning because of pure luck i.e. by awful beginning hand.  So implementation of Mulligan in someway is absolute requirement in my personal opinion, and I am glad Infinity Wars chose Magic style.

Draw Engine

Draw engine refers to a card or combination of cards that allow you to draw cards from library i.e. replenish your hand as game progresses.  Given the lack of Mulligan, and sacrificial system for resource generation, most Shadow Era players include some sort of Draw Engine in their deck.  In general, it is not a bad idea to include draw engine in many decks as again more card in your hand generally increases your choice of actions.  Some people even use term “card advantage” as in “mana/resource advantage”, “field control” etc. so it is definitely important part of the game.

In Infinity Wars, there are cards that allow you to draw more card i.e. act as draw engine.  But it has very interesting built in mechanics.  Basically, you pay 5 resources and can draw a card any time.  This is part of game system so you don’t need special card on the field.


For the detail of commander mechanics, please refer to here.  It is not a only way, but you can think of commander cards as guaranteed card pool i.e. you always have them from the beginning of the game.  So if you have a very specific card you need at turn X (even turn 1), you can simply include it as commander and never have to worry about you don’t have it.  This to me seems actually the best mechanics for card draw.


Basically from this and resource system implementation in Infinity Wars, I see developers want us to focus on playing actual games rather than managing resources, or worrying too much about card.  The situation of not enough resource or card in hand will certainly happen but seems less frequently when compared to other game.


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