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Summary: Well no game or perhaps product can be really assessed without a price.  So how much does Infinity Wars really cost?  I have asked a set of question related to this topic to Elphie Coyle via Email.  As always, despite his busy schedule and probably 100+ emails he receive, he had replied me back in timely fashion.

Q: Difference between super booster and regular booster (both price and content i.e. how many cards, the rarity distribution).
A: Detail not determined yet.  Price *will not* be more than MTG in each country.
Q: Is there specific card only attainable by super booster but not on the regular booster?
A: Not determined yet.
Q: Odds for getting different rarities i.e. legendary, epic, rare, uncommon, vs. common e.g. 1 epic in every 6 regular booster etc.
A: Not determined yet.
Q: What is the plan regarding to the starter decks?  How may will there be?  Are they going to be one for each faction, and released every expansion as long as new faction is introduced?
A: Starter decks will be available, one for each faction.
Q: What is the content of the starter decks (distribution: how many epics etc.)
A: Not determined yet.
Q: Price of starter decks.
A: Not determined yet.
Q: Any other method of card purchase  e.g. single card market by lightmare rather than player trading
A:  Card purchase will only be through packs or through a random spin mechanic we’re working on. No single card market.
You’ve asked the *big* questions that can’t be answered till we fully test.  All the other things will be changed and tested through Alpha and Beta.
Well the answers may be rather unsatisfactory to some of us, but I look these more positive way.  Many things are still worked on, which mean I believe Alpha and Beta testers have potential input.  Obviously, wrong price setting can totally ruin the game entirely.  One example is Carte, or Magic the Gathering Tactics.  Former is a great TCG, but at least in Japan it seemed to flop for two reasons: 1. Price 2. Markedly delayed release compared to other region i.e. players felt extremely behind.  The latter is ok game, but had Magic’s name and Sony’s technology.  My belief of the big flop on this was mainly due to its pricing scheme.
In my personal opinion, ant TCG must have price setting less than Magic. It is not even an option, just absolute basic requirement to be competitive on market independent of the game quality.  If same or similarly priced, magic players stay on magic.  Others may feel too much.  Just like ant tablet price is compared to iPad.
Below is price comparison, I made when reviewed Carte upon its US release.


Game Name 1 booster pack price Comment
Magic the Gathering Online $4.00 Potential for claiming physical card but with loss of digital copies
Eye of Judgment $4.00 You received actual physical cards to play digitally.
Carte (Max Price) $3.00
Carte ($30) $2.14 Must buy $30 CC at once during Event
Carte (Min Price) $1.58 Must buy $100 CC at once during Event
*Shadow Era (Max Price) $1.00
Shadow Era $0.74 Must buy $40 physical booster box
Shadow Era (Min Price) $0.66 Must buy $50 crytals at once
Now Carte’s $1.58 per booster is not a bad; however, due to frequent expansion on Carte, if you want to complete a playset, you may well end up spending $100 a month.  This is actually equivalent to Magic. I am not saying IW is inferior to Magic as a TCG.  But for it to grow, it needs player and to get player pricing must be attractive.  Personally the sweet spot seems $100-$150 for set completion.  This means like you buy a video game every month as IW will have new set every 3 months.  Most video game except FPS usually gives 20-40 hours play time.  Good TCG for addicted players can get far more time.  Obviously, many players don’t need complete set so cheaper. But if necessary, they know max cost is reasonable.
What’s your sweet spot for pricing?

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by tactfulgamer on December 11, 2012 at 3:34 am

    Magic stays on top as far as pricing scheme. Must be good to be the original, unlike in other genres.

    I appreciate his answers, he answered as best he could given no actual real world hands on yet.


    • Posted by houshasen on December 11, 2012 at 4:55 pm

      I forgot to mention, but Magic does indeed seem relatively expensive; however, there is a huge catch.

      Magic cards have resale market even digital ones. So despite you spend so much at beginning, if you buy cards at right timing and sell at right timing, you can actually even make money. Breaking even is not difficult either (if you decide to sell your collection, and move on and buy new set cards).

      So in that sense, the direct comparison between the pack prices are misleading, and yet another reason any TCG should be less, and probably far less than Magic.


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