[Infinity Wars] ~ Burn Deck Support is Here ~

Summary: Not too long ago, I have written an post regarding to how well Infinity Wars support Aggro Archetype category decks.  One of the missing piece was “Burn deck type.”  Well that didn’t take too long.  The latest alpha patch shows at least one card that clearly shows potential of this deck type support.  So let’s take a look at the world first spoiler of the card.


As you can see this is a character card with an ability to DIRECTLY attack opponent’s fortress.  Believe or not, up until this alpha 2 patch we had no way of directly targeting the opponent’s fortress.  But again, it is not surprise as it is a such easy feature and mechanics to support and add on, there was no reason for Lightmare to ignore this.  Obviously, if this being the only card to support direct fortress attack, it may be a bit difficult or impossible to make a true “burn type deck” but knowing this concept is covered by at least one card, the burn type will be supported in the Infinity Wars when enough of these cards show up.


This direct damage to a fortress add potential of new card type in my personal opinion.  Unlike in some other game, Infinity Wars uses a term “fortress” to indicate player’s life.  Sort of analogous to World of War craft TCG or Shadow Era, it represents its own entity.  So why not utilize it i.e. create cards type called “fortress”.


You can have only one fortress at a time like location cards.


Basically, you got your regular base fortress but by using fortress card, you are conceptually upgrading to a special fortress.


Underground Fortress

The damage by flying character is reduced to half.

Attacking Fortress

Pay X: During this turn the fortress gains X attacking power.

*Basically, you can attack by using your fortress or more importantly, when opponent’s hits your fortress, it will get countered.

Defending Fortress

The fortress will not take any direct damage.

*Obviously, this would be a complete counter to “Burn type deck”.

Reviving Fortress

When your fortress reaches to 0 health, it revives with 10 health.

*Your opponent can hit with massive last damage, but at least you can survive one more turn.

Elite Fortress

Pay 1: Your fortress may take damage inflicted to your characters in commander zone.

Now, many of these you can technically make the same concept card using either character’s ability, ability card or perhaps location card.  But I just like more card types. 🙂





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