[Infinity Wars] Card Spoilers will be included from here on!

Summary: Very exciting news for this blog visitors, as well as myself as a writer.  I got a green light from Lightmare CEO Agent Mr. Coyle for exclusive(?) card spoilers from alpha testing.

The spoilers will be text only but essentially I am given a privilege to spoil any cards in alpha testing.  Obviously, any of these cards are subject to change and in fact most recent and the first alpha patch gave significant change to the original cards.  They have even taken out a breeding mechanics entirely.

With Infinity Wars providing such a great art on each card (yes. I changed mind about art after seeing many additional cards.  They are great),  you only get a half of the excitement.  However, as a TCG player I personally love to see card mechanics/text etc., so I can start thinking about what I can do with this game when its officially released.  So that is what I am trying to provide to you all.

I will try to update this blog frequently if not every day very close.  So yes. if not already so, this site will be I Love Infinity Wars for a while if not indefinitely. 🙂



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