[Shadow Era] Sorry no remaining physical bonuses… but…

Finally, Wulven makes official statement of cancelling the remaining physical card bonuses.  But it’s Wulven, one of the most generous TCG company so what’s their alternative.

It’s with a heavy heart today that I must finally admit defeat in the scandal over physical bonuses to people that preordered.

Although the card sleeves were finally produced thanks to sub-contracting Cartamundi, the playmats, tokens and collector’s tins had numerous manufacturing delays through companies in China. Although we paid a deposit and were given start dates, they constantly failed to deliver on those dates and things got pushed back again and again. After finally canceling the orders and attempting to restart the process by contracting through more reputable companies, the product samples we ordered have been stuck in Vietnam customs for almost two months now due to increased import controls. Again, even a ballpark date when the items can be manufactured and delivered is completely unknown.

The physical world is new and uncertain to us, and we’ve learned a lot about what went right and what went wrong. The greatest pain is that we couldn’t provide updates during this waiting period, as we didn’t have any new information to give. It made a lot of people unhappy, and angry that they didn’t get what they were promised. Although we’ve tried to add more and more bonuses, such as the exclusive digital sleeves, that still didn’t solve the problem.

So today I have to finally say that enough is enough. We can no longer put the reputation of our company at the mercy of third party manufacturers. It’s for this reason that an exchange has to be made on the promises of playmats, tokens and collector’s tins. Instead, you will be shipped the premium Zaladaricon card sleeves and a free Dark Prophecies booster box – a $65 value – when they are produced early next year.

I can only hope that you all sympathize with our position on this, and accept the exchange that we’re forced to make. Thanks for your support and incredible patience!

TL;DR – we had to cancel the playmats, tokens and collector’s tins. But you’ll get a free Dark Prophecies booster box instead!

Note: The people that preordered the Epic Collection and Complete Playsets will still get their limited edition playmats.

Best regards,

Kyle Poole
Wulven Game Studios


So yes. It’s a confirmation that they are making physical cards for their first expansion, and instead of the remaining bonuses that we have been waiting for (were we?), we will receive a free booster BOX from the Dark Prophecies when it’s released. To be honest, I actually like this alternative better than token, tins and playmat.  A lot more.

Again, I believe this generous business model is what keeps Wulven’s digital trading card game Shadow Era popular.  I just simply don’t know how they can keep providing these unless other TCG companies are making ridiculously high profit margin.

In any event, great job Kyle!


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