[Infinity Wars] ~Gundam, Evangelion for Robot-philes~

Summary: Not only Infinity Wars provide various deck types, but one of the strength is the way its background is set up i.e. multi-universe setting.  It is because of this, Infinity Wars can have anything they want.  You can never imagine Magic actually having a robot!  



To be honest, when I first saw the Genesis Industries and its lore, I thought why not giant robots.  That seems like it can be unique to the world of Technology industries.  Well, Lightmares are definitely ahead of me.  Not only they made a giant robot card but it has a concept of “pilot.”

Whether this card is practically good or not is someone else’s job to decide, but I just love the concept.  This simply proves in the game of Infinity Wars you can really do anything you want.  Its really hard to have Robot co-exist with Zombie unless you have right set up as in Infinity Wars.


Every time they have a new concept, there is always a new potential.  Some day when they make a faction, set focusing on these robots, they can make a pilot designated card.  Such as:

2: Amuro

Character – Human, pilot

Atk 0, HP 2

When Amuro is designated as a pilot, the riding cost for the unit cost 2 less, and add +2/+2.


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