[Infinity Wars] ~ Single Card Strategy Combo Deck ~

Summary: So I’ve already spoiled a card that support Alt-Win deck type of the combo archetype.  I have also said that Infinity Wars have surprising amount of Combo Archetype deck support considering its first set.  So today, I am showing the another brand new card which allows the potential of “single card strategy deck”, which is another subcategory of the combo archetype.

What’s single card strategy deck?

This is a type of combo archetype deck and as the name implies, the entire deck revolves around a very specific single card that is powerful enough to win the game.  All other cards are there to support this card.


Does infinity wars support this deck type?







There is no doubt Call the Warpath card fits the criteria for Combo Archetype deck single card strategy.  This card is so powerful with right implementation of the deck i.e. have enough beasts, you are pretty much guaranteed to win after casting this card.

The cost of 16 is not easy, and it should not be; otherwise, it becomes the balance breaker.  Just a recap is that in Infinity Wars, you increase total resource by 1 every turn until you hit 10.  You have also cards to support boost resources.  One is non-faction card, and the other is “The Warpath” faction.  In addition, the Warpath has a location card that reduce the cost of any Warpath card casting cost by 1.

Furthermore, you can pay 10 resources to increase your resource by 1 (this is part of system not based on card).  So with all these options/combinations, you can definitely get to 16 resources.  I have only tested my deck so far with AI, but I was able to use Call the Warpath as earliest as the turn 9.

Obviously, it won’t be as easy when playing against the real player.  But there is definitely a Combo Archetype Single Card Strategy support in Infinity Wars.



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