[Shadow Era] Resource Card answer by Wulven is here

Summary: Perhaps it is my strange obsession, but I just like the concept of resource management option.  Here is an card to answer the dream I had a while back.


Back in March, I have suggested a resource card type inspired from Carte’s Shard cards.  http://www.shadowera.com/showthread.php?14068-More-resource-cards

At which time,  a design team member had kindly decided to spend time and reply my imagination concept. His reply was followings:

I like the effect, but I don’t think we need a new card type.

Alchemist Stone (Artifact) – 0cc
(0): If you did not sacrifice a card this turn, target card from your resource pile is returned to your hand, you gain 2 resources, and Alchemist Stone is destroyed.

That’s pretty much what your card does, except you can delay when you turn it into a resource and have the effect.

As suggested at that time, Wulven has decided to use artifact rather than creating a new card type to boost resource.

First of all, interesting concept card.  There are several people not happy with the art.  Personally, not bad nor good for art wise.

The one issue of using a card on field to represent as an additional resource rather than using a new resource type card was the discrepancy in the sacrificed pile card number and actual number of resource you have.  This creates 0 issue on digital game as computer takes care the resource count; however, in the physical world, sacrifice pile could  have been used as Magic’s mana land card and tapping each card could have been an easy way to count resource use.  But the way I created card initially had an issue when changed to artifact.  So this was also addressed back when these discussion took place, and their response was sacrifice pile is not a really resource pile.  Though clearly the way game shows sacrificed card pile with resource number under makes us think that way.  So their suggestion was in physical game, we should simply use counters to count resource.   Again, personally I though this was a bad idea.

In any event, this new card fortunately still does not break the potential of people using sacrificed card as resource counter (and tap/untap these cards when using resource as in Magic).  The reason is simple.  You can basically tap this card while its on the field.  I don’t know if they have put these things into consideration when made this card, but certainly a good choice.


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