[Infinity Wars] Commander Card!!!

One of the greatest mechanics in the Infinity Wars is existence of commander.

What is commander mechanics?

For those of you who have not kept up with Infinity Wars news, briefly in Infinity Wars you must select 3 commanders.  These cards determine which cards can be included in your deck.  But that’s not the end.  Unlike some other game with dedicated hero card, these commanders can be any regular card with “character type”.  This provides extremely interesting mechanics.  The ones you have selected as commanders basically are equivalent of saying you have them in your hand any game you play.  So this opens up true potential of combo archetype decks, which in other TCGs tend to suffer from luck factor the most.  If you are not using combo archetype deck, that’s still fine.  Now basically you can think as you have capability to make a hero with your own selection of abilities as any of the commander cards abilities can be executed from the commander zone directly.  The actual game that has a dedicated hero card such as Shadow Era, World of Warcraft TCG will never allow this flexibility on their hero.

Commander card?

So the very first day I played the game, and saw the commander mechanics, my next question was its great but what about some card that is specific to be a commander i.e. true analogy to Hero card in other TCGs?

Intial version of the alpha did not include this particular card, but now the answer is already here.  Say hello to Varyus.


What Varyus does itself is very interesting.  It is a card to support combo deck as its ability is unlimited deck search.  However, another interesting mechanics is introduced here, which is a specific statement “If Master of Choice is a commander…”

This is to me an answer to commander card (at least for now).  Yes. Varyus is not a “commander” specific card; however, it does have special power (in this case power limit) when selected as a commander.

So in the future, we can be at least be certain to see characters with their abilities get boost or perhaps only available when set to a commander zone etc.

Well done, Lightmare!


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