[Infinity Wars] “Fight!”

The rarity is common. The purity is 1.  The cost is 2.  It’s a cheap card.  This is a great demonstration that even a simple card can actually add a depth to game when there is good fundamental mechanics built in the TCG.

Card Spoiler


When I first saw this card, I didn’t realize its potential and power.  The excuse reason is I was not used to play game with “zone mechanics.”

Yes. it is the “zone mechanics” in Infinity Wars that makes this card interesting.  You can use this card to target any character in any zone.  As discussed before, most players use some sort of keycard in the commander zone.  Even they can be targeted by using this card.  This is two edge sword.  One is you can set very powerful attacker in command zone and use Fight! and destroy opponent character that way.  Alternatively, your commander can be targeted by use of this card and be destroyed.

The actual example from my experience.

I made a deck a while back based on the concept introduced on the official play video.  The famous Secluded Constructor combo deck. I set Secluded constructor as one of my commander.


During the second turn, by use of opponent’s fight my “Secluded constructor” was destroyed from the commander zone.  I didn’t even include a second secluded constructor in my deck, so the game was already done at the point.  Obviously, most players who are smarter than me would not be give up this easily but “Fight!” can be a very strong card when playing against Combo Archetype deck users, who are highly likely to utilize Commander Zone.


Normally, commander zone cards cannot attack, or be targeted by abilities so even at the first glance appears the simple card like “Fight!” can suddenly become powerful/interesting card when playing against certain types of decks by allowing these capabilities.


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