[Shadow Era] Rest of Cards from Class Week Spoiler

Summary: Here are rest of 4 cards from the class week spoiler.


Comment: Particularly interesting from concept point of view is the fact most of these cards except Blood Moon give an idea for the potential of how certain different types of deck can be supported by each class.

Divine Connection certainly drives the Priest class to the potential of “attachment” class.   Smoke Screen add additional potential to the Stall/Mill deck type when added to Laylow/Rain Delay Lock synergy.  Temporal disturbance provides us an idea of potential for Elemental class supporting “deck destruction” type play.

There is no ground breaking new mechanics. But we have to remember that this is the expansion to the first set rather than new core set.  So the goal of this upcoming set is to expand the existing play.  The cards we have seen so far certainly seem to be hitting these theme pretty well.


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