[Shadow Era] Class Ally Week – Wulven –

It has been about two weeks since the last first expansion card spoiler ended.  Now its back.  This time it’s titled as “Class Ally Week.”  So yes. we will see a new card every day for next 6 days.

There are a few subtype specification on the Shadow Era such as Wulven and Undead.  But these were never truly utilized during the set.1.  So it is not a surprise that we now see a card to utilize this part of mechanics.

Personally, I have not played Shadow Era for a while so balance of the card is something I refrain from commenting, but the concept is interesting.  Especially the part allows you to cast another Wulven ally for free.

Source: http://www.shadowera.com/showthread.php?21057-Class-Ally-Week-Spoiler-1


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