[Infinity Wars] Price

These price scheme are at version 0.7 beta, so still subject to change but should give us an idea of what it is like to be for overall grand price scheme of this game.

In game currency

There are two types of in game currency in Infinity Wars.

  1.  Infinity Points (IP) – You can earn these points by playing games against AI or PvP.   Supposedly, you can get 110 infinity points by winning against a player, and 40 points winning against a AI.  Reportedly, there is a cap right now with 600 points maximum per day.
  2. Lightmare Points (LP) – These are points you actually purchase by real money and gets converted to in game points. Currently, roughly i.e. 125 lightmare points/US$.

Booster Packs

Normal Booster Pack

Contains 3 cards with at least one uncommon.

Infinity Points: 1050
Lightmare Points: 60 approx. ($0.50)

Super Booster Pack

Contains 15 cards with at least 3 uncommon and 1 rare

Infinity Points: 5250
Lightmare Points: 300 approx. ($2.50)

Theme Decks

Contains 40 cards including 1 epic, 2 rares.

Infinity Points: 12950
Lightmare Points: 750 ($6.00)

Price Analysis

Stay tuned for further price analysis and comparison in the future.


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