[Infinity Wars] Price Comparison – For booster pack – (Updated)

33 cents per booster pack was too good to be true and was indeed an error.  Lightmare CEO Mr. Coyle has confirmed this.  Since the actual purchase of the Lightmare point is not on live yet, I believe no one had a chance to benefit from this error; other than someone like myself who simply look into these minutia rather than actually playing the game.  Not just we now know it was an error, but we also know the actual planned price for a super booster.

The current plan is $2.50/booster pack.  At the regular price, this puts below the Carte.

Game Name 1 booster pack price Comment
Magic the Gathering Online $4.00  Potential of trade, resell etc.
Eye of Judgment $4.00 You received actual physical cards to play digitally.
Carte (Max Price) $3.00
Infinity Wars $2.50
Carte ($30) $2.14 Must buy $30 CC at once during Event
Carte (Min Price) $1.58 Must buy $100 CC at once during Event
Shadow Era $0.74 Must buy $40 physical booster box
Shadow Era (Min Price) $0.66 Must buy $50 crytals at once

Whether this price is considered cheap/reasonable/expensive really depends on many other factors.  The actual fair comparison in my mind is to compare how much does it cost to have a complete play set.  Once you get a complete play set, you can make any deck you want, and this is true for any trading card game; hence, the true comparison should be made based on this rather than per booster pack in my opinion.

Infinity Wars have a multiple factors that makes this calculation difficult (at the moment).

  1. Odds ratio of the highest rarity cards (Legendary or Epic) in respect to rare
  2. Odds ratio of multiple high rarity cards
    Yes. In Infinity Wars, you can get multiple high rarities cards (rare or above) in a single pack.  In one pack I got a Legendary, Epic AND Rare.
  3. Trade System
    Infinity Wars will have a trading system.  Depending on the implementation, trading system can provide excellent grounds for card completion.
  4. Campaign/Bonus points by playing actual games
  5. In Infinity Wars, some cards need 6 copies to call complete play set; whereas, others are only 3.

I will try to put a bit more detail analysis in the future.  So stay tuned.

Original Post Below

Less than 12 hours ago, I have posted current price scheme of the Infinity Wars upcoming Beta version.  I was in process of gathering missing information to perform the detailed price analysis of this TCG, and realized there has to be some pre-launch bug; otherwise, this game takes the title of “the cheapest TCG” from Shadow Era.

Currently, if you go to the Lightmare’s official website you can see it is set up so that you will soon be able to purchase 10,500 Lightmare points by $10AUD.  This is about $10US.

So what does lightmare point mean?  Well refer back to this post.  Basically, you can buy a superbooster pack for 300 points and a theme deck for 750.  Can’t do or Don’t want to do a math?  Well, basically you can purchase a 15 cards booster pack for roughly 33 cents and a theme deck for less than $1..

Basically, with current price setting Infinity Wars will beat the Shadow Era by factor of 2.

Though technically speaking this is not impossible given Shadow Era is already doing this (remember with it, you can actually get Physical card in addition to digital card).  However, Lightmare is australian company and Shadow Era’s Wulven is Vietnamese company so I think the actual development cost are vastly different between the two.  So I highly doubt this will be the case and assuming it is an error, but if this turns out to be true, then already top notch game mechanics as a TCG, now supported by the cheapest price game title, it won’t be too long for this game to be #1 TCG on the planet.

Some of the cards need more than 4 copies i.e. up to 6 to be called playset and there are two higher rarities than the rare (Legendary and Epic) so I have to still do some analysis once the odds ratio are known to really tell how many packs are needed to really complete playset but I still estimate with 33 cents/pack (if true) the end will be around $100.


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