[Infinity Wars] ~ Burning Prejudice ~

Summary: It has been a while since I have spoiled a card.  Today, I chose this card not so much because the card itself is cool but rather I felt like the game’s relatively unique and interesting mechanics were well illustrated during the game I had couple nights ago when I used this card to my opponent.


Name: Burning Prejudice

Faction: Flame Dawn

Type: Ability

Return target character in play and all other characters with the same name to their owner’s hands.

Color of Faction

A while back, I have mentioned that Infinity Wars does not have a fundamental colors or factions as in many other games.  This means basically as the game gets expansion, it will continue to add new faction rather than treating say Flame Dawn as “Red Color” and more cards added to it.

Given its relatively unique approach, I initially was not sure if this was a good idea; however, the Lightmare’s CEO Elphie Coyle was right.  People generally don’t have much bounding to those fundamental color.  Sure I have made a blue deck in Magic before.  I wished I could make a uni-elemental deck in Eye of Judgment.  But it was not the color that I wanted to follow but rather a theme.

With Infinity Wars, each faction actually does have their own color coding on the cards.  But the color is actually a faction or more like affiliation.  So by making a uni-color deck in Infinity Wars, you are making an affiliation based “Tribal deck.”

Each of the 6 factions for the first core set has its  own unique flavor and mechanics.  It is not just “red” is aggressive but Flame Dawn has unique keyword, which is “haste.”  No other faction has it.  To back up the concept of Flame Dawn representing Aggro-archetype rush deck type, their ability cards are such that rather than actually destroying opponents card it just returns them to a hand i.e. short term solution.  “Burning Prejudice” is just one representation of it.

Even token goes back to hand

One interesting decision that the developers of this game made is so that if you use these retrieving ability on token, the token even goes back to hand as a card i.e. you won’t destroy them.

Perhaps some of you are like myself and thought by retrieving token, you can actually destroy them.  Well not so, and I think this decision is clever and good.  Because some faction does have a specific ability that relies on token creation.  So if card like Burning Prejudice really can destroy all of them at once, I think it is just a bit overpowered.

Infinite Hand

Another somewhat unique in recent TCG is there is no limit in how many cards you can have in your hand.  Infinity Wars seem to emphasize the player’s actual play rather than micromanaging resources e.g. automatic resource increment, any time card draw option by paying 5 resources, and now with no hand limit.

Overall, these set up simply provide players feeling that you are actually playing game actively rather than feeling restricted by hand, or resource.  I have to say this is a huge plus on Infinity Wars.


Essentially, what happened here was that I used Burning Prejudice to return opponent’s 6 token(s) at once.  To my surprise, the following turn he was able to bring them back for free (as token cost 0).


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