[Shadow Era] Dark Prophecies Physical Card Preorder Begins

Even before the official availability of digital cards, dark prophecies are going to be physical. And yes. It looks like preorder bonuses are back.

Preorder Dark Prophecies now!

Due to popular demand, the legendary Shadow Era preorders are back, this time featuring the new expansion – Dark Prophecies!

Bonuses will be added at each milestone, and things are sure to get crazy again!

Level 1 – PENDING $50,000 – Shadow Crystal Bonus – we’ll match your purchase price with shadow crystals in the digital game!
Level 2 – LOCKED
Level 3 – LOCKED
Level 4 – LOCKED
Level 5 – LOCKED

All prices now include world-wide shipping!

Booster Box $45
The Booster Box contains 24 booster packs. Included in each booster pack are 15 cards: 10 Common, 4 Uncommon, and 1 Rare or Epic. Also included is a redeemable code for online play, worth between 100 to 200 Shadow Crystals. Each pack has a 1 in 5 chance to have a premium foil card to replace a common!

Epic Collection $90
The Epic Collection includes both a Dark Prophecies booster box plus a Call of the Crystals booster box at a special price! Since the expansion doesn’t include Heroes, this is a great bundle deal if you’re just starting your collection or want to run mixed sealed events.

Complete Set $100
The popular Complete Set is back again for Dark Prophecies! This is a very limited production run that includes all 150 cards in the set, as well as all foils that are done! Perfect for the collector!

Complete Playset $300
Get 4 copies of every card at a huge discount. Ideal for the serious deckbuilder or reseller.


If you are interested, here is link to preorder.

It will be a while before this ends as cards need to be finalized before print can start.  Wulven is known for never seen generosity so it would be interesting to see how this will turn out.


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