[Infinity Wars] Q&A with Lightmare teams

Summary: Yet another round of an email was sent to Lightmare developing team to ask about a few more question regarding to upcoming exciting TCG, Infinity Wars.  This time I have mainly focused on the pricing aspect.

Q) Will there be any discount for purchasing bundle Lightmare point?
*Just my personal opinion, and still too many unknown factors but the current price point will result in the worst case scenario of ~$470 to complete a playset. Very small sample size, but survey says the sweet spot/desired price spot is $100-$200, which is equivalent of basically buying a new video game software every month (assuming new set release every 3-4 months). Now with a good trading system, and if odds ratio of high rarity cards are >>1 this worst case scenario can change significantly e.g. if on average 2 high rarity cards are included, then suddenly becomes $235.

 A) We can’t divulge exact details on the rarity split, but most people should easily get it for much less than $235 particularly with the good trading system. Also people will have the choice of supporting future expansions and getting playsets for much much cheaper 🙂

Q) Similar to above, is there any plan for lightmare point campaign?
Sony Online had couple times a year, basically you can purchase double points during the period. Carte had it once a month with max 50% bonus points if you buy over certain price. Basically, another way of reducing potential price.

A) We’re considering these specials every now and then. Currently we’re set to about $2.50 per packet, how does that compare to the others you’ve seen? Despite it potentially being much more than other card games, two things will make it much fairer. Gaining around a 3rd of all the cards without paying a cent or even spending in game points (these will be earned through in game missions and weekly quests), and our trading system. Plus we of course have much higher quality art by having every card animated.

Q) Any plan for open beta before official release?

A) No plans currently but we have other (currently ideas to expand our userbase 🙂

Q) Will there be an option to trade with Infinity or Lightmare points? I.e. one can almost sell a card to other player rather than swapping card.

A) We are looking at that option for later on down the track. 🙂

Q) Any plan for fee when trading card?

A) Potentially an IW Fee if we go for that option later.


So overall response, I loved it.  Whether my worst case scenario calculation was correct or not is yet to be proven but at least based on the way developers replied back to my Email, the high rarity card ratio are likely to be >=2 in every pack.

Another interesting quote is the potential of 1/3 cards are obtainable through regular campaign mode.  Based on the poll response, if all ends up being true complete play set for ~$200 is ideal spot.

With game itself being so fun to play, I truly hope the price be attractive enough to gain large number of new players, and of course keep them as addicted players of Infinity Wars afterwards.



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