[Infinity Wars] Play Video – Beastial Hammer vs. Three Kingdom Saga Control Deck –

The video was posted by WWKnight on the facebook.  The particularly interesting part of this play video is his opponent deck, which was unnamed so I am calling it “Three Kingdom Saga Control Deck.”


This is just one game in beta version.  However, you can see almost a opposite spectrum of the play styles here, and to me it speaks well for the potential of the game very well.

Beastial Hammer Deck

The Beastial Hammer deck is as classic as it can get for an example of how Aggro Archetype Rash deck would look like in TCG.  This is very well designed deck for its purpose.  Cast characters usually small cheaper ones quick and hit fast in early game, and try to end the game early.  Though great, powerful and interesting deck to play, not much to discuss about here as the play style itself is simple.

Three Kingdom Saga Control Deck

The opponent deck is more interesting here for the purpose of discussion.  It can be categorized as Control Archetype deck with emphasis on the board control.  Because in the Infinity Wars, there is a parameter called Morale which you lose as your casted cards get destroyed, board control can directly result in the winning of game.

Not only that, this particular deck basically used two cards for majority of the game.  In other TCG, you such case the traditional TCG will require you to draw those two cards in your hand.  So to establish this synergy, you have to rely on luck of draw.  However, because Infinity Wars has Commander mechanics, you can always have those two cards from the get go.

Dragon of Wisdom Combo

This particular combo did not really play a role in this game as Morale attack by Sage 1 & 2’s synergy was good enough against Rush type decks, sometimes this may not be the case.  In those situations, this player includedDragon of Wisdom as the third commander card.  This is a dragon card so very strong but high cost.  However, unlike some games in Infinity Wars you can target your own characters for negative affect as well.  So using this fact, you can actually use card like Assasinate  (see below) to instantaneously destroy your dragon and revive back in 3 turns without actually paying the hectic 12 resources.


Again this is just an example of a game, but you can clearly see how much variation the game can provide for players in terms of the game play.






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