[Infinity Wars] Beta 0.77 Update “Firebolts”

At this  point, most of us on beta believed that there will no more new card addition until the actual game launch but to our surprise, a new card has been added with the latest patch (though not available for play yet).

Firebolts, everywhere!

We are adding a new card to the game: Firebolt. Firebolt is a 2 cost factionless ability card, which deals 2 damage to a character. Since we decided to add this card to the game, we discussed the ramifications to players who had already purchased packs, and turned in backer rewards. Many backers have already been given full playsets of each card, but we don’t have the ability to go back and give each players cards based on their backing levels. Additionally, this card is a “nuts and bolts” card, nothing flashy, and something we would like every player to have access to. In light of this, we’ve decided to give every player currently in the beta three free copies of Firebolt. Enjoy!

(Note: Firebolts will not be immediately given out to the public, as we sort out the logistics of distributing them)



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