[Infinity Wars] Upcoming Features ~ Event System? ~

The game has a great potential, which is one of the reason why this is currently my top interest.  Here are some confirmed upcoming feature for the official release.

Off the top of my head, list of features for the initial release are as follows.

  • Trading
  • Drafting
  • The campaign (should be 8 campaign missions per faction)
  • Drafting
  • Friends list/Social features/Profiles and stats
  • “Event” system (You would of heard hints of this, but i’ll leave it pretty vague for now)

There are many other features that are on our list, but these are what we are looking at for the initial release (Some features may be added, some features may be cut, who knows?). I don’t wish to talk about features that aren’t set in stone, so i’ll let your imaginations run wild ;)

None of the above list should be a surprise except “Event” system.  There is no detail about this.  So this could tournament or schedule in game event.  It is certainly necessary feature.  So that’s my top guess.

Though less likely alternative is that I had one point a brief talk with Elphie Coyle over the Skype about this game.  He mentioned “event” card as potential idea.  It was by no means solid concept or any confirmation.  Rather more like his own opinion of nice feature to consider.

The actual implementation of this type of card can be in various ways.  As name event suggest, a card can be trigger based.  Like trap card in Shadow Era or Yu Gi Oh.  But rather than calling simple trap, further expand by allowing “bonus producing event.”   For example, an event card for flame dawn can say “when more than 6 flame dawn card is on the board, you may draw any flame dawn card from a pile and place on the battle field at beginning of your turn.”   So it is like a goal/bonus event you try to achieve.

Since counter cards are missing in the game, I personally hope the latter be the case for “event” system.  Only time will tell.



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