[Order & Chaos Duels] First Impression

Based on the Gameloft’s MMO Order and Chaos, this newly released digital trading card game receving some attention over the internet.  Even the Japanese most famous gaming site (Famitsu) already had a brief introduction about this.  So here is my take on this game (first impression)

Game Play


Your goal is to take opponent’s hero’s health down to 0.


The game has 5 slots for your creatures (called minion in this game).  Your minion attacks opponent’s minion that is located across your slot.  If no opponent’s minion occupies it, the damage goes to the opponent’s hero.

Card Types


Just like Carte, Shadow Era, or World of Warcraft TCG, you pick a hero and it represents you in the game.  Each hero have unique ability, which can be used multiple times throughout the game (unlike Carte) but you have to wait a few turns before you can use the ability again.  Essentially, same as Shadow Era.


The game has weapon/armor that you can put on the hero.


In other games, its called creature, ally, character etc.  Each of these card will occupy one of five slots on the battle field.


The game also has enchantment, which you can think of equipment on your minion.


The game also has spell card type, which acts immediately upon its use.

Essentially these cards types are very similar to that of Shadow Era.  The missing piece that I can think on top of my head is “trap card.”  Just as in many other TCG, this game also decided to go with turn based unilateral play style.  By this I mean, when its your turn, you don’t have to think about new action from opponent i.e. no surprising counter.  Good for beginners, but may feel a bit boring for others especially if you have played game with intercept or counter type interactive play games.  Essentially, while your opponent is taking turn, you just watch what they do.

In fact, your minion won’t even counter attack unless it has special ability.

Positional Element

One mechanics that is not on Shadow Era is positional element.  Since your card can only be one of 5 slot, there is specific position to your minion.  Therefore, there are synergy or negative effects that can take this information.  For example, a card can say give +1 attack to a minion adjacent to this.


The game has great background graphics.  The card art itself are pretty good as well.


Single Play

This game definitely makes you feel like you are playing game.  Though story mode seem linear (at least the part I played), developer definitely placed effort on this aspect.  If anyone had ever played, this is like Eye of Judgment PSP version.  Not so much like Yu Gi Oh where you can walk around and duel NPO of your choice.  However, being its free and mobile platform, I say this is the best in its class.


The presentation of the game is great and I may even say it is one of the best.  Single campaign mode seem like you are playing real game.  Graphics are top in the class.  However, the core of the TCG i.e. the actual game play itself is a bit too simple and nothing ground breaking.  Even though Shadow Era seems a bit too simplified for my taste now, this game is even simpler. The way game is built, I highly doubt this can become any more complex than Shadow Era even with future expansions unless they are going to add completely new mechanis/systems to the game, which I have not seen many on any of exisiting TCG.

Now this may or may not be a deal breaker.  Some people prefer simple, quick TCG and like to avoid overly complex rules and mechanics of TCG.  If you are one of those people, then this game is definitely worth a try.  In fact, the single campaign mode is more like a game so you may able to enjoy more than Shadow Era for that part.

On the other hand, if you are someone who is looking for deeper TCG like Magic, Carte, or Yu Gi Oh then this game is not the answer.  My recommendation is if you have not played Shadow Era, before you spend money on ingame addon for this game, you should try Shadow Era as it is very similar, but the game itself is slightly more deeper and I believe it has more potential for future.  Though having said that, Gameloft is much bigger company so Shadow Era may evolve much slower pace than this, and hence, OCD may gain more depth.  But either way, I say both are extremely similar so play both and decide which game fits your taste so you won’t waste your money on a game that you won’t be playing.

For those who need more depth, for now the only hope would be upcoming TCG called Infinity Wars.

Overall first impression score: B


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