[Infinity Wars] 0.78 Patch Change Log

Here are change log and reasons behind for patch 0.78.

Hello Beta Testers! We haven’t released a patch in a few weeks, so I’d like to give an update on what we’ve been working on.

The vision for Infinity Wars has always been to make it a truly platform independent game, able to be fully played on any device: PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and whatever other platforms we can possibly support in the future. To that end, we’ve been working on iOS and Android development lately. This entails a new menu UI (which is still in development), and a lot of backend programming. Unfortunately, work like this is mostly “invisible” to the public for now. One casualty as we’ve been creating this new UI is the Genesis Dragon at the login screen. Goodbye Genesis Dragon, we’ll miss you.

As always, we’re committed to making Infinity Wars as balanced and fun a game as possible. To that end, we’re making a few changes, mostly based on community feedback.

Stay Vigilant

The current wording of “haste” is that a character with haste does not enter play exhausted. The faction that mostly gets haste characters is the Flame Dawn. The intention of this ability was to be aggressive and to attack with surprise, and immediately. However, haste as it stands has issues. Characters with haste are also great surprise defenders, while cards with haste not designed to be defenders. Consequently, the Flame Dawn faction has cards that make for much better defenders than intended. This also makes the faction designed for defense, the Descendants of the Dragon, seem worse at their intended role.

What we decided to do is make it so haste can only be used to attack the turn it is played, and to create a new keyword, “vigilance”, which would act as the defensive version of haste.

However, this created a new challenge! It actually breaks the fundamental rules of the game to make a character that can be moved to the assualt zone, even though it is exhausted, but then also not allow it to be moved to the defense zone while exhausted, but then allow it to be moved to the defense zone as long as it’s not the first turn it was played! Confusing. Certainly, we could bend the rules of the game all out of shape to allow this, but a more elegant solution was needed.

What we have done is much more elegant: a character with haste enters play in the assault zone, rather than the support zone. Conversely, a character with vigilance enters play in the defense zone. This also has the minor benefit of being more obvious to new players, who would often play a haste character and not realize they could attack (or defend, bleh!) immediately.

So, who gets vigilance? Just as haste is the primary keyword of the Flame Dawn, vigilance is becoming the primary keyword of the Descendants of the Dragon. For now, the only cards with vigilance will be Invincible Defender and Vanilla Warrior (making him not so vanilla! Once again, I would like to stress that all Descendants of the Dragon names are temporary). This means both cards will be buffed quite a bit. Our eye is on Invincible Defender, if this buff proves to put him over the top, we are ready to nerf his statistics. Vanilla Warrior will be fine, I’m sure.

Infinity Assassinates

Anybody that plays Infinity Wars right now knows that as soon as it’s turn 6, something is probably going to get Assassinated. It’s a staple card, and one which for a long time we’ve been content to leave as-is. I often joke that Assassinate lets me sleep at night (if anything gets out of hand, Assassinate is there to deal with it). However, over time we’ve seen that this card being so ubiquitous has a subtle negative effect on the game, strongly discouraging certain strategies, particularly Genesis Industries based.

Our goal is to make Assassinate a card that’s always there if needed to deal with a single large threat, and we would like to keep the cost at 6, as it’s proven to be a good cost, coming out as an answer around the right point in the game. However, we don’t want it to be an auto-include in every single deck, or at least if it still is (because we are still working with a smaller pool of cards until the next set is released and not many cards do what Assassinate does), everything getting Assassinated is not the norm. Assassinate is a factionless card, and should not feel like the “best” removal card in the game.

What we’ve decided to do is add an additional clause to Assassinate: from now on, when Assassinate is played (if it resolves successfully), the player will lose 2 of their max resources. Assassin’s now charge a lot more money!

When we created the first core set of cards, we made the decision to include quite a few factionless cards which we expected to be included in many decks because we had a set limit of how many cards could be in the game (mostly due to budget restraints) In the future, we plan on including much less factionless cards, and staying away from cards that will become “staple” cards, as have been the case with Assassinate and Wealthy Noble. While neither of those cards have been degenerate, it does lead to homogenization in deck building, which lessens one of the core aesthetics of Infinity Wars.


We’ve been keeping an eye on how often games are concluded because of morale, and we have decided it is too high. As of this writing 31% of PvP games are won through morale.

This leads to an interesting design dilemma. We could, for instance, simply increase to amount of morale a player has to say… 75. However, we think the main reason why morale defeats are so common is because there are no cards in the metagame that players can include in their decks to combat that type of deck. We want to make Infinity Wars a game that will be around for a very long time, do we really want to increase make one number artificially higher forever (after all, it’s pretty much set in stone once we exit beta) just for a problem that we intend to solve soon with the next set?

For now, we have decided to give a nerf to one of the main culprits in the current metagame: Sage 3. He will be reworked (as will his tie-in spell) to instead increase the morale loss of each character dying by 2, rather than doubling it. This has a few rippling effects: it should make massive morale “bombs” less effective, while being still very effective against small rush strategies (such as Flame Dawn), but much less effective against larger characters (such as the Warpath, who, combined with the Assassinate change, will hopefully get some love).

As you can see, although the changes we’ve made to card balance this patch are subtle, they have been thoroughly thought out, and we hope will lead to a more balanced, enjoyable game for everybody.

– Ian Underwood

General Game Changes

Changed the background card streaming system (which causes significant slowdown, especially on mobile devices), to only stream when it detects the player is away.

Card Fixes

Varyus’s search ability now properly removes 4 resources rather than 5.

Invincible Defender now properly causes the opponent to lose 3 morale if he lives.

Card Balancing

Haste now reads “A character with haste enters play directly in the Assault Zone”.

Invincible Defender and Vanilla Warrior now have Vigilance, which reads “ A character with vigilance enters play directly in the Defense Zone”.

Assassinate’s text now reads: “Destroy target character. Your max resources decreases by two.”

Sage 3’s ability and Sage 3 spell now read: “Opponents lose 2 extra morale when a character is killed this turn.” rather than “Opponents lose double morale this turn.”

Meditating Monk’s cost is lowered to 2, down from 3, because he was far below the power curve at 3 and his new art is too awesome for him to be such a bad card.


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