[Infinity Wars] Version 0.79

Here is patch log for version 0.79.  The major updates are friend list, and match making.

April 10th 2013, Version 0.79

It’s patch time again! In this patch we’ve implemented a few features that we’ve had planned for a while now: Matchmaking and a Friends List.

While the current lobby system of listing games has served us well for now, when Infinity Wars grows as it leaves closed beta in the near future, that system won’t be workable. What we’ve created is a matchmaking system, simply choose your preferred Game and Speed type and you’ll be matched up against other players who are looking for the same type of game. If you wish, you can still display the list of games currently running, preserving the old functionality.

At long last, Infinity Wars now has a Friends List! Click the “Friends” button in the social pane (renamed from “Show Players”) to list your friends that are online. Additionally, you can click on their name in your list to invite them to a game. No more hosting a game meant for a friend and having random strangers join it!

The last major addition is that the Trading Post now properly communicates between players what the other player has done during their turn, no more wondering if they are increasing their resources or not. This also means that all Trading Post actions now happen during the resolution phase, rather than the during the planning phase. This is necessary from a practical standpoint to actually communicate the action, to keep the gameplay as it should be (the planning phase should only contain actions after all) and to prevent desync bugs. An exception was created for “Mulliganning” your opening hand, in this case you will receive the new hand immediately so that you can make a decision to keep this hand or not. However, this was only possible without creating desync issues because it could only happen on the first turn. We understand that this creates gameplay changes, as now the drawn cards cannot be used immediately, and we hope players understand the necessity of the changes.

As always, we would like to thank our beta players for their amazing support, and all their bug reports and suggestions that help us make Infinity Wars better every week!

– Ian Underwood


When creating or joining a game, a popup will appear asking to choose a deck if none is currently selected.

A new matchmaking system has been implemented. Simply click “Join a Multiplayer Game” and it will automatically find another player with the same Game Type preferences as you so that you can play a game together.

Friends List is now implemented! In the Online Players list, click on any player’s name to add them to your friends list, or invite them to a game!

The Lobby menu now shows how many Infinity Points have been earned today and the total cap.

Fixed the transparency issues on the corners of the location representational cards.

All Trading Post actions are now shown to the other player during the resolution phase. Additionally, all Trading Post actions other than “mulliganning” do not take effect until the resolution phase.

Due to player feedback, the confirmation screen when targeting has been removed for now. There will be an option to enable targeting confirmation when the new UI is implemented.

Bug Fixes

Martyr Golem redirection ability now properly considers the damage to be taken from the card that dealt the damage, rather than the card that it redirected the damage from.

Dark Wish’s targeted abilities should now properly communicate between players, fixing de-sync errors.

Sage 3 and Sage 3 Spell now properly makes the opponent lose morale, rather than the owner.

Demon of Gluttony will now properly communicate that he has “eaten” to the opponent, fixing de-sync issues when attacking.

Demon of Fear now properly checks that its targets are legal upon resolution, fixing errors where he could target characters that had gained Untouchable, or had died, etc.

The game will now wait until the movement stage has completed before checking for any character deaths, preventing various de-sync errors while moving between zones, particularly for cards such as Pack Leader and Conscripted Militia.

When playing Explore with no location cards in your deck, you will receive an error informing you that you have no location cards to find.



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