[Infinity Wars] QA tester wanted

Lightmare is looking for a dozen of high quality beta testers for future expansion.  Obviously, if you are not in the beta right now the chance you be one of these is non-existent unless you are like Professional Magic player or something.   But if you are in the beta already and want to be true beta tester or I would even say quality assurance people, this is the chance.  Those who don’t qualify (like me) still should read the following as there is one piece of interesting information.

WE WANT YOU! That’s right, you. You with the face.

We’re going to be putting together a small, but knowledgeable QA team. Here’s what we’re asking for:

We want around 12 dedicated players to help us test cards/balancing/features, before they’re put out to mass testing on the live client. The purpose of this is that we are beginning construction of the new set, and we’re about to implement a LOT of new features into the game. We want to make sure the coding and transfer of data is proper and working before we send it out to the masses so that we avoid a lot of what has happened in the past.

This testing gives you access to all of the information before anyone else in the world sees it, and allows you the capability of helping us shape the features going into the game before they’re even tested on a public scale.

We WILL be tracking the amount of games you play, we ask that you be dedicated in testing these implementations as we’ll only have about a week to get them right before pushing them out to the live server for everyone to test and play with. We reserve the right to substitute people based off gameplay metrics. Most of the testing will be done in PvP matches, so testing with any of the AI’s is pointless.

I’ll be adding badges to the forums, so you’ll be able to show your status off to the public once we start gaining traffic, especially with the new forum look.

Those interested, post here with how much time you estimate you’d be able to dedicate, and what your qualifications are. I’m familiar with most everyone here, but I ask that you post it for the devs to know who they’re working with.

Thanks everyone!


Now the ones who aren’t going to apply for this should still find this post exciting because they are already making new set.  Yes. TCG will always have new expansions but frequency is crucial.  This game is not even out yet but the game like Eye of Judgment took over a 6 months and Shadow Era took over an year to introduce their subsequent expansions.  Personally, these were just way too long to keep people interests.  In any event, this is indeed the confirmation of their plan to actively develop expansion, and I love it.   


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