[Infinity Wars] Rumor: Item card? Almost confirmed?

Summary: Not surprisingly, item card type is likely coming to IW.

Currently, IW has only one type of card that has permanent/semipermanent effect i.e. non-character card that has effect over more than 2 turns.  This is location card.  The limitation of the location card is you can have only one on your field.  So it has been a predictable fact, but today one of the official forum response by a developer almost confirms their plan of bringing item card type.

>>Note, numbers are just placeholders and can be altered and be balanced as needed<<

Verore: Every 3 spell casts, gain 1 extra draw. Verore is heavy on spell casts,

Genesis: All abilities cost 1 less to use. This would allow Genesis ONLY to have a free cast secluded(the backbone of genesis currently) among cheaper Super mech usage and soldier buffing.

Flame dawn: Every 5th troop does not lose morale. Reason: they seem to be the deck that uses hard hitting, but fragile units. Alternate idea: every 5th card gains charge.

warpath: whenever army is 6 or more, gain 1 morale per turn. if 12, 2 morale per turn. Reason: I feel warpath is about overwhelming the enemy and having passive morale gain could offset the mass creation of token creatures that become a liability.

Descendent of dragons: Every 3 kills by creature cards gain a morale: These guys are ALL about trying to win through morale, why not have their defenders earn them morale as they kill units?

Zombies: Exhume 3 creatures from graveyard, place a 3/3 zero cost card into play(no morale loss this way). Once destroyed, return to graveyard and acts like two endless horde(+1/+1) Reason: can make the undead FEEL like the undead. Removing non endless horde cards to bring them back for a second use and then its death could fuel the endless horde.

I think its a great idea to boost mono-purity deck obviously balance is the key to make sure they are not overpowered but at the same time making them to the level we call competitive.  Based on what Teremus says and your idea along with others posted, I think we can come up with a solution to satisfy all.


Verore’s Altar
Purity 3
Unique Item
Add +1 counter for every spell you cast.  Consume 3 counters, you may draw a card.

You can do the similar.  If one thinks these should be able to use from the start of the game without worrying about the lack of draw, you can make these a character.  Personally given the single location restriction, probably not a location card but you can always make it to Building/Sublocation as someone else suggested. ;)

That’s the beauty of having a digital game, not everything has to have a digital effect if we don’t want it to. This could very easily be a simple item in your support zone.



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