[Infinity Wars] Some Q&A with Infinity Wars Employee (Teremus)

Nothing ground breaking here, but certainly they took a time to respond to my email with best as they can (at the moment).  

Q) Regarding to potential existence/plan of counter cards.  If specific of the cards cannot be revealed; how about the mechanics?
Answer) We cannot reveal the specific cards, as they’re still being made. The mechanics will not be a generalized simplistic factionless card that just says “Counter next spell played, and destroy it”. We want to keep the continuity of the bluff/prediction risk/reward mechanics of the game. As such an example of the mechanics that we want to continue to use would be similar to “Vigilance. Any spell that targets a character in the same zone as this card, instead targets this card.” 
This way the counters are situational and tactical in nature. That’s just an example, there will be quite a few iterations.
Q) Regarding to 120 cards expansion.  Are they going to be once batch? When will they be available on the beta server?  Are they going to be addition to existing factions?  Will there be new faction with those 120 cards?
Answer) Cards will gradually be introduced over time via quests/missions, and added into the next set. Once the set is released, they will be available for purchase. Some sets will only include expansions to existing factions, some will include entirely new factions, some will be a mix of both.
Q) Any updated plan/schedule for open beta? Official release?
Answer) I’ll be announcing that on all of our hubs this week. Twitter/Facebook/Steam/KS/IGG/Reddit will see that information in a big way.
Q) Any update for multi-language support plan?
Answer) Still working on finalizing them, there’s already multiple languages covered however we’ll be constantly working on that so we can make sure as many people as possible are able to see the game.
Q) Anything else that you can share with my site visitors?

Answer) This game is going to be the game that revolutionizes DCG E-sports. Once we have the second set in the game we’ll begin work on the tournament/bracket systems also to include Draft/Sealed modes. It’s going to get big really quick, so make sure you are in on the ground level.

Thanks to Teremus.


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