[Hex] Digital Trading Card Game + MMO

Brand new card game is currently in development, and kickstarter funding is ongoing.  The unique sales point of this game is MMO married to dTCG.

I have not played this game nor read details about the game yet.  But from what I gather at first glance:

1. Game will support counter mechanics i.e. instant like card.  This is relatively uncommon as many digital TCG tries to shoot for rapid game play model.  Personally, this is a huge plus.

2. Some very interesting cards that can only be done because of digital format.  Example include a card that allows you


So you reshuffle a target card and that cards replicates into six copies next time you play.  This mechanism is extremely difficult to built on paper format.

Other mechanics that were mentioned is card that shuffles into opponent’s deck and if he draws it, he gets negative effect.  Again not common in paper format.

3. Levelers/Transmorph

Level up cards are not unique to Solforge, Magic had it, Yu Gi Oh had it.  But I do agree with Solforge developers that it is nice feature on digital game as you can see the card change in appearance, and no need to have special side board, reshuffle deck etc.  Personally, this should be only for some cards i.e. mechanics some may utilize and other don’t need to.  Hex indeed take this approach.  So I love it.


4. 5 Card Types including Resource Card.

Just like Magic, Hex has own dedicated mana type card.  This is great because they can have special mana card and create their own mechanics.  However, the issue with these card tends to be that you lose a card every turn (1 mana, 1 play but only 1 draw) so you quickly become short in hand and plays often become hand restricted.  Also creates a potential for mana screw i.e. you may not have mana card in your hand to build your mana.  Game like Carte used really clever mechanics and had dedicated mana card and if you use it to create mana, you gain a card back i.e. avoid hand restriction.  But if you don’t have mana card in hand, you can sacrifice a regular card to create a mana i.e. avoid mana screw.  So this is mixed the way currently is for me.

5. Gem

I have to read this feature a bit more carefully, but sounds like it is a way to strengthen, customize your cards.  Interesting concept.  May be I’ll like this much more once I read and understand it better.

6. MMO element

Good graphics, and likely to have nice story line.  The concern I have is players be differentiated based on the number of hours you put into a game.  Not because how well you can play but rather you have better stronger cards.

7. Art Style

I say one of the top quality art.  I just love buney art.

8. This game is made by a company who makes World of Warcraft TCG, which is one of top 10 TCG.

I will read more carefully on their official site to try understand this game better (without actually being able to play).  So expect more detail Pre-impression in near future.  The game certainly got my first attention.

Link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cze/hex-mmo-trading-card-game

Official Site: http://hextcg.com/


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