[Infinity Wars/HEX] How much is a booster pack?

When you buy in game currency (lightmare point), you get some bonus point just as expected.  So how much do you save by buying in bulk?  Also how much infinity wars booster pack really is?  Just a reference, let’s compare to newly announced TCG HEX.

Infinity Wars

Lightmare Point Bonus Infinity Point Total Packs Price Price/Pack
1250 3390 4.81238095 10 2.0779735
3125 6400 11.6357143 25 2.1485574
6250 19110 24.4733333 50 2.04304
12500 40380 49.3580952 100 2.0260101
62500 210000 248.333333 500 2.0134228

300 Lighmare point get you a real booster pack (15 cards).  5250 Infinity Points get you the same pack.  It turns out that you really don’t save much by buying in bulk.  Pretty much it is $2.00/pack with for some reason you pay slightly more with $25 package.

$2.00/pack is not a bad deal as the baseline.  However, when this is compared to Shadow Era much more expensive by factor more than 2.  When you compare to Magic the Gathering Online, it is cheaper by factor of 2 at first glance; however, magic card have real resell value.  Most of people who play Magic Online can actually sell their old card and break even i.e. get all money back.  If you are careful and know when to sell and buy, you can easily make money.


The standard price will be $2 per pack.  Each pack will contain 15 cards like Infinity Wars.  With kickstarter going on, these are actually at bonus price.  But by how much?

Donation # of booster packs Price/Pack
20 10 2
35 25 1.4
50 40 1.25
65 60 1.08333333
85 85 1
120 150 0.8

It actually went down to as low as 80 cents per pack.  This is a great price.  Yes. it’s just a special bonus price due to kickstarter but if they can do this now, I am nearly certain they will potentially give this sort of treatment every once and a while like Sony Online Entertainment double cash back deal.


So just as pointed out from the day one, one of the major concern I have for Infinity Wars is its price setting.  Especially, the game itself is not as widely known as other TCGs who have major brand name behind e.g. Solforge who created Ascension, and Magic the Gathering.  HEX who are the creators of WoW TCG.  I hope Lightmare will consider some sales on Lightmare Point every once and a while.



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