【HEX】 Funding Goal Met in less than five days and…

$300,000 goal for digital trading card game seems a quite high.  But given the name of the company (creator of WOW TCG), most of us had no doubt that they will meet the target.  However, it was rather fast, much faster than I had predicted.

So stretch goal is the next target, right?  Following is the quote from the kickstarter.

Stretch Goals

We’ve received a lot of feedback over the last few days about Stretch Goals. Our motto at Cryptozoic is “Fans First” and since we’re a community-oriented company, we asked you over on our forums for your ideas. We were going to announce our first few stretch goals today, but your feedback has helped us see what our players are asking for and we want to integrate that into our plans. This game is ultimately for you, after all. So, we’ll be announcing them tomorrow. Our first goal will be $330,000, and you folks have us halfway there already.


Well, as I am writing this the funding is at $331,744.  The first stretch goal has already been met.

To put into perspective the recently funded TCG games that are produced by well known company are as follow:



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