【Infinity Wars】The next set is named.

Yes. the game is not even officially out yet.  So I am not sure if we can truly call this as a set 2 but that’s what the developing team is calling.

The name is “Rise.”  Nothing else has been revealed at this point, but details will be coming sometime this week.  Since Sleepers of Avarrach have significantly less number of cards compared to other factions, and based on the lore it is easy to surmise “rise” is likely referring to the rise of sleepers of Avarrach.

Also in this set, previously revealed art of the unknown faction Aleta will also be included.  This time she is reportedly be factionless.

Aleta, the Immortal Traveler

Her abilities will open up new possibilities to deck-making, showing how much of an inter-dimensional traveler she really is!


I’m still torn between Infinity Wars and HEX right now.  I hope this week’s announcement nails my decision.


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