【Hex】 This is why its digital exclusive.

HEX will be digital exclusive trading card game.  Back when I first started a TCG, which was only 6-7 years ago, I just had a thought against paying for digital cards.  But Hex specifically says this game is digital only and there is reason why they made this decision.  Perhaps, this may be a first game that really made me convince why its digital exclusive.

First of all, it was just yesterday that they reached the kickstarter funding goal.  But now they are already passed 3 stretch goals with current funding total of $400,173.  So far 5 stretch goals have been announced.


Though previously revealed card such as Replicator’s Gambit already proves the need of this game being digital exclusive, there are some more example below from stretch goals.

I just cannot imagine how card like Spectral Assassin can work in physical/paper format.  Perhaps you can say something similar “Card number X that the opponent player draws becomes the target.”  But deciding that would be extremely tricky.  If you roll a dice just before actual start of the game, you are now telling your opponent you got Spectral Assassin in your deck.  Alternatively, if you had it decided before hand people will start choosing some optimal number e.g. choosing 60 in 60 card deck just does not make sense. Choosing 1 through 5 or so will guarantee target is already in the players hand when game starts.  Anyways, my point is card like this is only possible because designers of the game did not have to think how to implement this on paper format, which will always be a question if the game is on both paper and digital format.

Again you have probably already seen this card.  But this is the Replicator Gambits.

How would you know if you have four copies of the target in your deck?  You have to somehow mark the card you targeted with this but such marking will make unfair advantage of knowing where the card in the pile is.  Again, this is another great example the game can use these unique concept only because the game is digital exclusive format.



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