【Infinity Wars】 Patch 0.80 Update

Here is the latest update patch.  No. There is no new card yet but got background music.

Hello everybody! Today we have a major patch for you, with a host of balance changes and new features. Before I go into my typical ramblings about the changes in this patch, I would like to thank our community for their feedback, testing, and suggestions. Many of these changes being made the game are at our community’s suggestion, and we thank them for helping us make Infinity Wars as fun as possible.

Trade Now, Not Later

In a previous patch, as part of making the Trading Post communicate its actions between players, we made it so that the Trading Post doesn’t resolve until the resolution phase. However, in practice this was simply less fun while playing the game, leading to less payoff for interesting decisions, and less interesting turns for the players in general. We’ve decided to make the trading post revert back to its previous functionality of resolving immediately.

Wait… I Didn’t Mean To Do That….

At long last, Infinity Wars now has an Undo button! While a lot of work was put into the actual creation of this feature, there’s not much to say about it! After taking an action, you can simply undo it if you wish. However, because of the choice to make the Trading Post resolve immediately, we had to make the Trading Post exempt from being able to Undo. The reason for this is otherwise the Trading Post can be used just to check out the top few cards of your deck, then undone to play out your turn with this new information.

Tied into the Undo functionality is a new feature: the updated Action List. Like in many MMO’s, now all actions are recorded in the Action List, so you can see exactly what transpired in a match. In the near future, we are planning to make the Action List savable after a match if you wish.

Time to Discard

A new rule has been added to the game: if you end your turn with more than 8 cards in your hand, you will need to discard until you’re down to 8. This will prevent situations where players have a huge amount of cards in their hand, which could even get to the point where it was pretty much impossible to tell you had in your hand.

Balance Changes

This patch, we have a host of balancing changes. In this patch, one of our major goals was to bring up the power level on certain cards which we felt were currently too weak to see play. While not every card can be a superstar, certain cards were simply too weak to contribute to the metagame. In general, we’ve lowered the power of the Flame Dawn (especially their ability to deal with large threats easily), and helped out the Genesis Industries cards which don’t specifically combo with Secluded Constructor.

While not specifically intended to weaken the cards in question, certain cards’ functionality had to be changed so that they worked well with the new Undo system. Noteably, cards like Explore and Varyus, which allowed you search your deck for a card, would previously retrieve the card immediately, however this had to be changed for the action to be “undo-able”. Furthermore, these cards could cause game-logic issues if they retrieved a card, but then were killed before the ability actually resolved.

We’ve changed the naming of Haste to “Charge”, a name suggested by the community to better communicate the effect of the ability. Haste has been reverted to it’s old functionality where it simply comes into play un-exhausted. All Flame Dawn cards that had Haste now read to have Charge.

Some other card changes have been made to simply make the cards more fun to play, such as Hunt, which no longer reveals the hunted card, and Xi, Who Honors the Dead, so that she makes more sense flavourful-wise and works in a way that’s more congruent with her faction.

We hope that these changes lead to a more balanced, and fun game for everybody!

Enjoy Infinity Wars!

– Ian Underwood


The Trading Post is now back to its previous implementation, where all actions resolve immediately.

Added an Undo Button. Notice that due to the choice to make the Trading Post actions resolve immediately, Trading Post actions are not undo-able. Also, it doesn’t undo “trivial” actions that can be undone naturally, such as moving a card from the support to the attack zone.

A maximum hand size of 8 is now enforced in the game. If you try to end your turn with more than 8 cards in your hand, you will be asked to discard until you are down to 8.

The Action List now shows a log of every action taken place in the game.

Music is now in the game!

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where on the main menu it would display a message “Timeout Disconnect” message, and the game would have to restarted.

Fixed a bug that caused the game to think the player had clicked on a card on the battlefield immediately after targeting it, and thus zooming in on it.

The “Show All Games Running” option should now correctly show all the games running.

Fixed an issue that allowed players to click through the in-game chat to activate the Trading Post.

Fixed an issue that caused the End User License Agreement to appear each time the main menu was loaded.

Changed Rita, Shadow Priestess so that it did not heal her when the ability is used during the planning phase, which caused desync bugs.

Cards that aren’t in play should no longer be able to have their statistics modified.

Cards that aren’t characters should no longer be able to take damage.

Martyr Golem will no longer redirect damage dealt to non-character cards (although non-character cards will not take damage now anyway)

Cards that are queued to be sacrificed to another ability will now correctly cost morale for both players if they die before the sacrifice effect resolves.

Secluded Researcher’s ability should no longer resolve if its target is no longer legal.

Card Balancing

Haste has been split into two functionalities: Charge places the character directly in the assault zone, and Haste means the card comes into play without being exhausted (its old functionality). All Flame Dawn cards with Haste have been changed to Charge. Skraar has the new (old?) implementation of Haste.

Updated Mass Death, Sage Spells and Reflective Shield to have the “Magic” subtype.

Changed Explore so players don’t receive their card(s) until the ability resolves.

Changed Varyus so the card chosen does not come into you hand until the ability has resolved.

Xi, Who Honors Dead now costs 5 and reads “Flying. Pay 2, remove a character card from your graveyard: Create a 2/2 flying spirit character.”

Hunt now has an additional clause: “Other players do no get to see which character was chosen.”

Kali, the Flaming Blade is now a 5/4, down from a 5/5.

Angelify now cost 5, down from 6.

Cannon Fire now costs 3, up from 2, and reads: “Deal 2 damage to two target characters on the battlefield. (You may target the same character twice.)”

Overloaded Soldier now costs 3 and is a 2/2, previously a 1/1 for 4.

Mega Unit 01 now costs 8 and is a 12/12, down from a 14/14 for 10.

Grave Rob now targets 5 cards rather than removing the entire graveyard.

Demon of Fear now costs 5 and is a 5/5, down from a 7/7 for 7.

Reflective Shield now costs 2 purity.

Great Wall now costs 4, down from 6.

Fill the Graves now only targets yourself.

Explore now only draws 2 cards.

Pilgrimage Monk now costs 3 and draws 2 cards when she comes back into play.

Invincible Defender now harms the opponent for 2 morale, down from 3.

Battlefield Scavenger now has the clause “If Battlefield Scavenger dies, draw a card.”

Stumble now reads “Return target deployed character that costs 7 or less resources to it’s owner’s hand.”

Exhaust now reads “Move target character that costs 4 or less to the support zone. At the start of the next turn, target card becomes exhausted.”

Glorious Warrior and Veroria, the Lone Keep will now cause morale loss at the end of the turn, rather than the start.

Known Issues

Some players are having issues where they aren’t able to see other games being hosted by other players, and/or not seeing specific players in the chat lobby. We are investigating these issues.

Infinity Wars rather does have relatively small sets of card to start out even compared to many other TCGs.  There expansions will also be rather small in number (~120 cards per block).  But you can see how much they are tweaking in terms of balancing individual card so every single card have their own place rather than simple place filler to meet the 300 or so per block card requirement in some other game.  Obviously, they cannot keep changing card stats in the future once the game is official but since this is the very first block and we are still on close beta, I like the fact they are taking serious effort in balancing the card.

Now let’s hope new set will be revealed soon and we get to see fundamental changes/addition to the game mechanics.  Such will prove the direction of the game heading.  I’m still holding my money to decide whether to spend on Infinity Wars or recently announced HEX. Very tough decision here.


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