【HEX】 You wanna trap card? You got it.

HEX is a real TCG.  It is made by a company who are well known for World of Warcraft TCG.  So it is not a surprise, this game has true depth to it.  It has true instant type card.  But I personally think instant are different from trap card as in Yu Gi Oh, or Shadow Era.  Usually TCG who doesn’t support instant go with trap card but…



Sorry. I might have excited you (trapphiles) for a second there.  But look carefully.  At first this may not be the familiar trap cards like


However, this is a booby trap is a real trap card.  It is actually a step beyond other TCG had done.  Shuffling into opponent’s deck is not something we have been classically doing with paper format but with the game being digital exclusive and not needing to worry about paper format support, Cryptozoic was able to pull this out.

Rather than facing card down on your field, you now put those faced down cards into opponent’s deck.  The trigger is still based on the triggering event.  What’s the event here?  Well the event is actual “DRAW card” event.

This was one of the daily card spoiler from today, but I thought it is worth to write about since I usually see TCG from the mechanics point of view.



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