【HEX】 Growing Population

This game will just continue to grow.  It has already surpassed Solforge, once thought to be unbeatable funding record for TCG is now broken.  (Well technically it was broken couple days ago).  But as the funding grows, players grow as well.  Here are couple personal sites to check out.


The blogger has actually met soon to be legend (if not yet) TCG creator, Cory Jones.  Check 5/16 post.


Probably the world first wiki type of site about HEX.

Perhaps hardcore HEX fan has already checked this, but here is non-official site related HEX video. (Interview of Ben Stoll by The Mozu Report).

Some cards spoilers are also here.  General’s tent card is interesting concept.  I didn’t quite get exactly how it works, but I got the part is is hidden from opponent. 🙂  Just another wonderful only possible digital TCG idea.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks for the plug! I saw the Mozu Report, and I’m definitely excited about General’s Tent as well. Probably the most exciting card I’ve seen though, is Shrine of Prosperity. I’m really enjoying the cards that take full advantage of the digital format.


    • Posted by houshasen on May 17, 2013 at 11:41 pm

      You are welcome. I had never played WOW and have heard about VS System, but did not know anything about them until I read your post from today. Great write up.


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