【HEX099】 Races speak the potential

When I look at new TCG, I tend to get most excited with its potential as a game.  How is it going to grow?  What kind of new mechanics does it have?  The most exciting part for me is to the potential in the game.  If the game has relatively few basic game mechanics in the core of the game, I have hard time imagining much radical change or evolution in the game.  So how does HEX look so far?  Instead of looking at the different game mechanics, let’s take a look at races today.

The world of Entrath has two main factions which are Ardent and Underworld.



Each of which have 4 main races.  Ardent has  humanselvescoyotle, and orcs.  Underworld has necroticdwarvesshin’hare, and vennen.

Personally, Japanese culture inspired race Shin’hare is my favorite.  In fact, I liked these art even before I had known it was Japanese culture based.

Factions Underworld

So far so good.  Maybe I’m just greedy, but immediately after seeing these 8 races and got excited for a few seconds my next thought was “it would be bad if there are only these 8 races.  I really want to see more like Dragons, robots.   What about vampire?”

In the world of Entrath, there are many other creatures live.  These are already part of the official site story section, which means its just matter of time that Cryptozoic reveal actual cards.  Creatures currently on the official website include Dragons, Goblin, Gnome etc.  Vampire is not even listed there as individual creature type.  This simply means we just will see many other races in this game.

From the race stand point of view, this game has infinite potential.  If one can cover robot and fantasy in the same world, it got everything (in my opinion).  So as far as the deck type goes, Tribal or Race Deck Type fans are covered 100% with this game.





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